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The China Silk Road Group Afghanistan Studies Center has always attached great importance to country and regional research. Combining its geographical advantages and research foundation, it established the Afghanistan Studies Center in 2018 and actively launched research on issues such as Central Asia and Afghanistan. Relying on the power of China Silk Road Group's think tank, we can better carry out research in Afghanistan. The current director is Professor Hua Guoqiang, and the deputy director is Professor Wang Xin.

Research direction: China Silk Road Group Afghanistan Studies Center focuses on Afghanistan and counter-terrorism issues, as well as Afghanistan's diplomacy, security, political situation, and terrorism issues.

Objective: China Silk Road Group Afghanistan Studies Center strives to build the center into a key research base with obvious advantages and outstanding characteristics through 3-5 years of construction practice, so that the Afghanistan Studies Center will become a high-level personnel training center and scientific research center in the aspect of country or international politics, national security, and foreign strategy as well as the decision-making and consulting center of relevant national departments, providing intellectual support and transfer reserve forces for national diplomacy, consulting, decision-making, education and other departments.

Organizational structure: The China Silk Road Group Afghanistan Studies Center has established an academic committee, which is the center's highest academic decision-making body. The main function of the academic committee is to consider center's construction, development planning, and scientific research team construction planning. The academic committee system of Afghanistan Studies Center will be further improved in the future. Now the center has set up a management committee and established a preliminary charter.

Research results: China Silk Road Group Afghanistan Studies Center has published more than ten academic papers.